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The Woman behind the product

Rosa Perez

Following in the footsteps of her grandfather – a chemist who created a variety of natural remedies; her mother – a PhD in Biochemistry. Rosa studied cosmetology, marketing and communications science in Mexico; graduated as a Cosmetic Chemist in Spain.

In 1997, Rosa and her husband - seeking a better quality of life – made the decision to leave Mexico and relocate to Canada. Once in Canada, Rosa became certified as an aesthetician, Bio-Magnetism and Meditation practitioner. Later she created a natural skin care line with a focus beyond just external beauty; which includes liquid crystals as its signature ingredient. Thus Spirality of Life was born in January of 2013.

“I believe in a holistic approach and want to help people to achieve wellness; physically, mentally and emotionally. This self-realization permeates our being and translates into personal success. My products are a reflection of this philosophy. I offer scientific formulations that are results oriented, made with quality ingredients and integrity.”

Rosa, long time Vancouveri- te, is a busy wife, mother of two, and animal lover; Yet with all she does, she sets aside time to give back to her community; whether helping friends in need, at the Church, at the Downtown East Side, or at local Schools – you can find Rosa pitching in to make the community a better place.


B., Cosmetic Chemist Barcelona University, Spain B. Sc.,


Communications and diploma
in Marketing and Publishing
Anahuac University, Mexico City.


Certified Esthetician, Cosmetologist
The Cosmetologists’ Association of B.C.


Certified Biomagnetism Therapist
University of Chapingo, Mexico


Diploma in Fitodermatology
Latinoamerican Society of Fitomedicine
Buenos Aires, Argentina



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