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Luby Estrada

“I have been using Spirality of life products for several years, I truly love them.

The facial cleanser and toner are amazing, and for moisturizing nothing like the booster berries moisturizer. The quality and pricing are the best in the market. Thank you Spirality of Life!

Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair

Marge Woodland

Spirality of Life line of products have been the only products I have used for years.
I would never used something else.

They are all I need for my skin type. 

Natural Beauty

Sandra Gomez

I started using these products recently,  my skin looks better than ever ! Fresh, hydrated, rested .
I love the fact the products are vegan and organic ! 



Never leave the house without this eye cream

I have been so impressed with this eye cream. My skin feels amazing, looks brighter, less wrinkled and less dry. Now I don't travel without it in my carry-on, best pick me up on a long flight ever! I recommend this to all my friends.

Laura Pous



Works great! 

This eye cream is hydrating but not overly heavy, I love it, really makes my skin nourished in the morning!

Diana Rander


Eye cream


I really like this cream. Goes on smooth and I’ve already seen a difference. It doesn’t burn my eyes, like others did.

Olga McLean



I love this eye cream!! I use it every day! I like to gently apply with my ring finger and then follow with a jade roller. I can't believe how much it helps reduce puffiness.

Leticia Nicolopulos


Simply the best!

It was one of the very first products I purchased a year ago, and I don't use any other eye cream since then. It does everything I need - no puffy eyes, no wrinkles, and moistened skin. Although, my eyes are very sensitive, it gives me no allergic reaction. I truly recommend it!

 Sandy Miles


Love the cream

This cream is great. I have purchased it few times already and I am happy with the quality. It feels very light on the skin, and last for long time. Will be buying it again.

Olivia Carson



Absolutely love this eye cream. It is amazing. It has helped with the wrinkles around my eyes, dark circles and all.




I have never used eye cream before, and I absolutely love this so much. The smell is wonderful. I have been using it for 2 days now and I think it works great. Love the natural ingredients

Claudia Bersis


Awesome Eye Cream 

So far so good! My eyes feel awake after putting it on. I do notice a difference in less puffiness and my skin is smoother. So happy I found this brand! Product is affordable and you receive a good size amount.




Great eye cream

I don't use a lot of products, but years of puffy eyes and dark under eye circles led me to try this. I think it is effective, especially in reducing the puffiness. The ingredients are nourishing and non-toxic. This is an excellent product!

Olivia Sanders


Amazing eye cream!

As a new mom I definitely needed this! It did a great job of keeping my eyes protected through zero sleep. Great texture and lasted ages. Will keep using. Highly recommend.

Raquel Mondragon


The best eye cream I've tried

I loved what it did for my bags under my eyes so much that I used it as a face cream. Not only does it decrease the puffiness under your eyes and the purple-ish coloration that I have had most of my life, but it doesn't cause me to break out. I have particularly difficult skin and have tendencies towards all sorts of acne, so this stuff was a godsend. Everyone has different skin and maybe this isn't the product for you, but I found this to be the only product to actually do anything for the bags under my eyes.

Liz Coleman


Perfect Eye Potion

I am a college student, and this serum helps my eyes to not look tired even after I have stayed up until 3:00 am studying!

Alexa Suarez


I've been using this eye cream for a few years now and love it. I briefly tried another one and came running right back! I use it morning and night.





Best Eye Cream Ever!!

I have sensitive skin, perfect eye cream and non irritating. Feels great and my eye area has never looked better!



This has become my holy grail eye cream!

Wakes up my eyes in the morning and provides nourishment to the skin

Andrea Riuly








New to toner!

I really enjoy this product. It's my first time trying it! I have skin that's really prone to dryness and I feel like with this toner I no longer need multiple layers of moisturizer. Would recommend to a friend!

Lety Mastrangelo


Skin feels & looks better

Using this toner for about 4 weeks now, great results. My skin feels plumper and for sure not dry anymore. Great product for wintertime, even for oily skin!



 Changing product

I love this toner! I have very dry skin and this product seems to have changed that. I can now use this toner and skip moisturizer all together if I feel like it. My skin drinks it up. LOVE!

Joanne Custer


Nice every day toner 

I have been using this toner for a while now and it is very nice and gentle on my sensitive skin.  It leaves my skin feeling soft. I enjoy the scent as well, it's very subtle. I will definitely keep ordering this product!

Fabiola Strong





I have used this toner for a while and I love it! I have had bad experiences with toners they have dried my skin out or they feel like a film over my skin.

This toner doesn’t dry my skin at all and it doesn’t leave any film over my face. I really love this product it has became a part of my morning and night routine.

Zara M.







Removes makeup well...

This cleanser effectively removes makeup without being harsh. It also has a pleasant grapefruit scent.

Rosie Jimenez



Great makeup remover and cleanser

I love the smell of grapefruit. This cleanser does a fantastic job at removing makeup.

Alessandra Sainz


In Love!!

I have dry, sensitive skin and have to be very choosy with my skincare products. I knew grapefruit cleanser was more than a safe bet so I eagerly purchased this. I have to say, WOW! It smells wonderful, feels light, melts off my makeup, and leaves my skin feeling soft. It didn't dry out my skin but instead left it feeling pampered. I will buy this again for sure!

Kira Chraram



After trying this products a few times I think it’s a great cleanser and it removes my makeup completely without leaving a greasy feeling on my face. In love with it :)

Raquel Charam


New fav!

I absolutely love this cleanser! It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. This is definitely going to be a permanent part of my night time skin routine.

Rita P.



Love This Product!

This product is awesome! I absolutely love it. My skin feels incredibly soft and clean after using it. Highly recommend. Will be buying again.

Maria V.


Great Product!

This smells like fresh-squeezed grapefruit all over my face

Love it, very effective and gentle for my sensitive skin!

Martha Adonay


Pleasantly surprised 

I was really surprised by how much makeup & dirt this removed. It smells really nice and very gentle on sensitive skin.

Elisa S.



I use the grapefruit cleanser in the evening and it's a great make up remover and cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and I love the smooth, soothing, silky feeling you get after cleaning--doesn't make your feel dry or over stripped. My daughter uses this too as her evening cleanser. I also appreciate that it's high quality and organic. Great way to love your face.

Alice Smith







Anti aging serum

I love this serum! I've been using it nightly,and started noticing a difference day one! My skin is softer, smooth, and moist the whole next day. My makeup looked better on, and my horrible winter skin itch and flaking was gone. After few weeks, I've already started to notice improvements in my pore visibility and lines on my skin. My skin feels firm, moist and soft without any day time treatment.

Melinda Graco



I noticed a difference in my skin just after a few applications of the anti aging serum. I am very happy with it. Can't wait to reorder!

Ashley McDonald



Great anti aging serum

Great serum. feel it does a lot for my skin.

Veronica Moller


Love this anti aging serum!

I have been using this serum for the last couple months and am totally in love with it! Before I used this, I had a small, annoyingly stubborn patch of dry skin on my cheek that wouldn't go away no matter how much moisturizer I used. After a week of using this serum, that dry patch went away and stayed away. Highly recommend this!

Angelica Ross








Love it!

Hearing "serum," I was concerned this would leave my skin feeling greasy. I was so wrong! It absorbs quickly into my skin and feels incredibly light while keeping my skin soft and moisturized. The Illuminating Serum has become my daily moisturizer. Skin is soft and natural feeling with a wonderful natural glow. Has definitely raised my confidence on days that I don't wear makeup!

Linda Jentzen


Great product!

My skin was noticeably brighter after 1 week of use. Made skin very clear and soft

Nuria R.


Love it!

And I can use it am and pm. Seeing great results.

Frida Roberts


Brightening and Moisturizing

I love this serum because it goes on smoothly, moisturizes, and brightens my complexion.

Tony J.



Recommended !

I have been using it before putting on my makeup for the last two days and I can tell it works. (I also use it at night). And my friend told me she noticed that my face was definitely brighter. I hope my skin keeps glowing even more after a few weeks.

Yolanda Tellez



Best stuff ever! 

Absolutely love this illuminating serum! My skin glows and feels so soft and amazing. I have received so many compliments on my skin since using this product. It’s a must have!

Paty Morris






Pleasantly Surprised

I received the booster berries moisturizer as a gift and would never have ordered it, as my past experiences with moisturizers were nothing special. I have been using this for about 10 days and am completely "wowed" by this product. First, it smells wonderful and is refreshing to apply (not sticky). Secondly, it absorbs quickly (which is great as I hate to wait long in between products when I'm tired and want to go to bed). Lastly, my skin has already responded favourably to this product. My skin is refreshed, soft and hydrated upon waking. I have red scarring from cystic acne and this has already lightened those areas. I am very impressed.

Giselle Bruno

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