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Our natural products sourced from organic producers and fare trade marketers,

are formulated with care and integrity.


A new way
to a clear and beautiful skin.

Our exquisite spa products are formulated with organic and natural therapeutic ingredients.




Luby Estrada

Vancouver, BC

“I have been using Spirality of life products for several years, I truly love them. The facial cleanser and toner are amazing, and for moisturizing nothing like the booster berries moisturizer. The quality and pricing are the best in the market.

Thank you Spirality of Life!




Liquid Crystals, our signature ingredient , on the skin aid in:

 ✓Reconstitute collagen tissue
 ✓Eliminate toxic molecules and free radicals
 ✓Carry nutrients and regenerate body cells
 ✓Tone muscle tissue

our company

California Academy of Sciences

Our Foundations

We are a global positive company.

We believe in harmony, intuition, spiritual nature and origin, love, and the higher intellect, "the intelligence of the heart". Harmony and beauty are an alignment with the spiritual SELF. 


With the benefits of H2O 37, liquid crystals, combined with the purity of natural source ingredients

Spirality of Life innovates through scientific discovery.

Liquid crystals are the base of our products. These crystals are water molecules forming clathrates (dodecahedrons of hexagonal and pentagonal faces) that are in an intermediate stable state of matter, which for being liquid crystal conserves the properties of liquids plus the properties of optic crystals. Our scientist Ph.D. Esther Del Rio developed a process to obtain liquid crystals from common water, which is called "Aqua Vitae®", internationally patented. This water helps to heal several pathologies. By drinking or applying it on the skin, it helps to desintoxicate the body and restore its health. Aqua Vitae® also assists toning muscle tissue, and regenerating body cells.

Each exquisite product is formulated with natural therapeutic ingredients that create harmonious balance on the skin. Our self-adjusting formulations promote natural collagen production and protect the skin against free radicals.

Spirality of Life features a multitude of botanical performance ingredients. Through a gentle cold-processing system, our botanical phytonutrients are kept active, maintaining and retaining their original enzymatic functions. The phytonutrients combined with liquid crystals, give the skin a smooth, hydrated, beautifully radiant and healthy appearance!

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